Sweeten Up Springtime with Spring Desserts in Garland at Firewheel Market

Got a sweet tooth strong enough to last a whole season? Spring right into the abundant offerings of everything sweet in Garland’s Firewheel Market. If you’re a truly passionate lover of the things that epitomize the essence of dessert, the three places below are more than worthy enough candidates for your sweet treat destination checklist. Here are the best spring desserts in Garland at Firewheel Market:

Smallcakes Takes Cupcakes to the Next Level

Located at Suite 224, Smallcakes is charming little bakery and creamery that boasts over 18 different signature cupcake flavors on a daily basis. In addition to the morning lineup, Smallcakes also brings out a delicious host of seasonal specialties to look forward to every time the leaves of the trees change. While you’re there, you definitely won’t want to miss out on sampling any one of the 15 small batch ice cream flavors available as well.

Tiff’s Treats Has the Finest Selection of Cookies in Garland

Tiff’s Treats, located at Suite 236A, is a fantastic cookie delivery haven that’s packed to the brim with sinfully delicious treats such as the Naughty Brownies layered with Oreo filling goodness. The Tiff Treats menu includes packages of up to 3 dozen cookies in 11 different flavors to choose between, from peanut butter chocolate chip to Tiff’s Mix with a little bit of everything. From the top to bottom, Tiff’s Treats is the physical embodiment of a love letter of chocolate lovers everywhere.

Yogurtland is the Place for Spring Desserts in Garland

At Suite 176 of Firewheel Market you’ll find Yogurtland, an organically stocked delight that runs deep with California milk. Pure ingredients, completely free of antibiotics, are used generously to create a delectable lineup of creamy yogurt delicacies in a multitude of flavors. A few of the featured flavors on the menu include Knott’s Berry Farm of Boysenberry Pie, Birthday Cupcake Batter and Alphonso Mango Tart.

Smallcakes, Tiff Treats and Yogurtland are all excellent options in places you can go to satisfy your sweet tooth this Spring. Of course, the above four options make up only a short list of the grand total options there are in the area to get just as much quality dessert value from. Want to find more Spring desserts in Garland? Check out our directory today!

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