Visit I CE NY at Firewheel Market in Garland!

Firewheel Market is proud to host the future of ice cream! In addition to the many wonderful retail stores and family restaurants, we now introduce I CE NY, offering up ice cream treats with a worldly twist.

Using a special freezing technique that balances the amount of ice crystals and air, I CE NY produces the smoothest ice cream you’ve ever had. I CE NY has its roots in Thailand, originally selling their unique and delicious ice cream all over Southeast Asia. Now, I CE NY is all over the U.S., and in Garland, you can only find them at Firewheel Market!

Picking out ice cream is no longer about simply picking a flavor and maybe some toppings. Now you can pick out delicious mix-in ingredients and have them blended right into the ice cream! At I CE NY at Firewheel Market, we take your initial selection and place it on our custom-made metal mixing plate that maintains a temperature well below freezing, and mix the ingredients in using special paddles. And when it’s all done, a wide selection of toppings are available to provide the perfect finishing touch. The result is the kind of ice cream you’ve always wanted, your own tasty creation!

The possibilities are endless at I CE NY at Firewheel Market in Garland, but if you’re looking for something new to try, you’re in luck! In addition to the yummy Cookie Spree, vanilla ice cream mixed with cookies and brownie with chocolate sauce, we also have Chocorilla, a chocolate ice cream treat with banana, Nutella, and cookies, garnished with Pocky chocolate sticks!

If you’re looking a unique flavor that reflects the Thai origins of I CE NY, ask about the Thai I CE Tea, with delicious Thai Tea ice cream mixed with lychee and chocolate wafers! Is green tea more your thing? The Matcha Mania is a green tea ice cream creation mixed with cookies, mochi and red bean that we guarantee will be one of your favorites.

So are you ready to taste ice cream again, for the first time? Then come out to Firewheel Market and head over to I CE NY and give your taste buds an experience they’ll never forget!

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Photo Source: I CE NY

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